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Sanjay Katkar is the Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Quick Heal Technologies Limited. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from University of Pune, India. Sanjay has spearheaded the creation, subsequent development and maintenance of the core antivirus engine of Quick Heal. Over a span of 20 years, he has redesigned the entire product portfolio and elevated the role of the organization as a trustworthy IT security brand in more than 80 countries. He is a member of the Technology Steering Committee of National Security Database, India, and is a reporting member of The Wild List Organization International, USA. In 2016, Sanjay Katkar was named the Product Management Executive of the Year at the 12th Annual Global Excellence Awards overseen by Info Security Products Guide, a leading information security research and advisory guide, in San Francisco, USA.

Indian PCs are most infected by Trojans and Trojan Downloaders

 May 18, 2010

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The recently released Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 8 which highlights the statistics for last year shows that Indian PCs has more than 30% infection by Trojans and Trojan Downloaders together on all the infected computers in 2nd half of 2009. The spyware infection is surprisingly very low. Below is...

Zeus malware uses the “/launch” command feature of Adobe Reader

 April 19, 2010

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Last week I had written a blog (see “Disguised PDF attack possible”) about possible attack using simple technique in Adobe Reader. It is being observed now that malware writers of Zeus malware are using the “/launch” command line parameter in Adobe Reader to launch a malicious code without exploiting an...

Disguised PDF attack possible

 April 15, 2010

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

A design flaw in Adobe’s popular PDF format which was published by Didier Stevens in first week of April can be used by hackers to install malwares on users’s computers. Its a policy flaw and not a security vulnerablity in Adobe Reader that could cause this. Researcher demonstrated this attack...

India completely un-prepared for cyber crime and espionage shows report

 April 8, 2010

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Shadows in the Cloud report (link to PDF) which was recently published by researchers in Canada shows India most vulnerable and most infected nation amongst all. This report documents a complex ecosystem of cyber espionage that systematically compromised government, business, academic and other computer networks in India and other several...

Windows 7 most praised security features got compromised at Pwn2Own

 April 1, 2010

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The most talked about hacking contest Pwn2Own ended with bad news for Microsoft. The hackers were finally able to make their way and disable the Windows 7 data execution prevention (DEP) and address space layout randomization (ASLR). These two were the most highly praised security features of Windows 7. Security...

Infection campaign using Twitter profile

 March 31, 2010

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Recently I was going through the twitter web site for just checking on tweets on Ricky Martin news. Of course with a thought that it being a hot topic of yesterday there can be someone using this news as a means to attract a potential victim to their web site....

No efforts are seen to be made to catch the cyber criminals in India.

 March 25, 2010

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Being in computer security industry for years I am seeing lot of cyber criminals activities day in and out. These activities are increasing exponentially in numbers. A growing threat by international cyber criminal organization has accelerated this situation. Daily the threats targeting Indian citizens, online commerce, enterprise networks and financial...

Panic Button on Facebook – will it really help?

 March 19, 2010

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Recent conviction of Peter Chapman for the murder of 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall where use of Facebook was prominent to lure the victim. Many such incidents which keep on happening every few weeks where there is use of technology like social networking websites makes us think as to something should be...

Indian Income Tax refund phishing scam emails now mentions tax refunds in US Dollars.

 March 11, 2010

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Yesterday a friend of mine forwarded me a mail he thought to be a phishing email. The email was indeed a phishing email. It was a Indian Income Tax phishing scam that is still going on as the phishers are still actively sending emails to millions of email addresses supposedly...

Phishing email of Bank of India in Hindi.

 March 6, 2010

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Today I got 4 Bank of India phishing emails. As I had written a blog earlier the phishing attack on Bank of India is getting repeated every few days. Out of the 4 phishing attack emails that I received 3 were in English language but the fourth email was in...